"Tribe Earth" Incense Planks

"Tribe Earth" Incense Planks

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Tribe Earth have created a beautiful range of incense that frames the intelligence of the plants the traditional way. They use time proven processing methods - grinding up the raw materials, mixing by hand into a dough, crafting into blocks then dehydrating at low temperatures.

Each plank burns like an incense cone and contains only fresh ingredients and plant materials - no glues, no artificial binders, no essential oils and no artificial fragrances.

Choose from the following options:

Mystic - Western Australian Sandalwood and Agarwood
Living Heart - Palo Santo and Copal
Dreamtime - Western Australian Sandalwood and Balga
Pure - 100% Western Australian Sandalwood
Reverence - WA Sandalwood, Myrrh and Hojari Frankincense
Prayer - WA Sandalwood and Hojari Frankincense
Gratitude - Palo Santo, White Sage and Copal
Presence - Western Australian Sandalwood and Australian Vetiver roots
Oak - Western Australian Sandalwood and Australian Oak
Roses - Western Australian Sandalwood and Moroccan Rose
Bushwalk - WA Sandalwood and Marri Gum
Ancestral Voices - Australian Oak, Lavender & Hojari Frankincense
Peaceful Warrior - Western Australian Sandalwood and Indian Patchouli leaves
River - An ever changing mix of plants 

These are absolutely divine for any incense lover, you will not be disappointed!

**Each plank burns for about 20-40 minutes. Just break a piece off and burn in any fireproof dish.