The Tarot - Reconnect With You
The Tarot - Reconnect With You

The Tarot - Reconnect With You

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By Sarah Bartlett

Discover the ancient power of the Tarot with this beautifully illustrated modern deck. Featuring a comprehensive introductory handbook and full 78-card Tarot deck, this is the essential companion for those wanting to embark on their spiritual awakening.

Tarot cards are well known for their use in divining the future, but they are also an important tool for reflecting on your inner thoughts and emotions. Tarot readings can be used to help you make decisions, untangle your feelings and better understand your current situation.

Use The Tarot to take you on a journey of self-discovery, and to help you determine your own path whilst navigating life's twists and turns. This set is a complete and indispensable guide to the remarkable wisdom of the Tarot in one stunning package.