Ok, soo I kind of have a small obsession with the moon and moon cycles, crystals, the power of intentions and meditation, yoga, art, and of course, tea and natural remedies! Does this make me a witch? A hippy? Just a little bit alternative? I don’t know. However you like to label it, these are the things I am in love with, and what The Mantra Blends is all about. I have combined all of my favourite things to make tea drinking an experience to savour, to create space for self-love, and to celebrate YOU.

As stated on the products page, each tea pack comes with its own specific tea ritual, affirmation cards (relating to the teas main focal point), and a hand picked crystal and crystal explainer card. The affirmation cards, crystal and crystal cards are new every time you purchase, so will always be something new to work with. Like a little Kinder Surprise for witches (for lack of better word haha!) 

As I continue to dive deeper into my passions and continue to learn and evolve, I invite you to join me on the journey and hope to bring some love and inspiration to your days aswell. And remember... the skies are no limit for us, my infinite friends!

I hope you enjoy!